Lawyers play a vital role in our society. They assist in maintaining order and justice. They also protect the rights of individuals. Whether you are guilty of committing a crime or not, you may need the services offered by a criminal lawyer in Surrey.

Criminal defence lawyers specialize in protecting individuals, businesses and organizations charged under the Criminal Code in Canada. They also safeguard your right to a fair trial and just course of action throughout the trial and investigation process.

How Can Criminal Lawyers Help?

Although it is your right, representing yourself in a criminal matter is generally not advised. Yes, the services of a lawyer may be more expensive than representing yourself. However, it is usually worth the investment in the long run. c

Defence lawyers are skilled and experienced in handling the intricate workings of the court system. They perform more functions than just presenting your case to the court. Their role is multifaceted. Here are a few functions defence lawyers perform:

Case Investigation

Criminal lawyers often wear the hat of investigators. They review all the evidence to find opportunities to bolster their client’s case. An investigation involves reviewing the prosecution’s evidence, speaking with the police or witnesses and collecting additional information.


Criminal cases generally involve a lot of paperwork. Incomplete or inaccurate paperwork can pose a real challenge to mounting a successful defence. As your legal representative, it is a criminal defence lawyer’s job to ensure that case-related paperwork is completed correctly and submitted on time.


Another crucial role a criminal lawyer plays is that of a negotiator. As your representative, it is your lawyer’s job to ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your case. To do this, they will often broker agreements on your behalf with the prosecution. Accepting a deal may mean entering a guilty plea for reduced charges or compensation instead of punishment.

What Cases Do Criminal Lawyers Handle?

Criminal defence lawyers deal with a wide range of cases. However, the most common cases they handle are:

Domestic Violence

Reports of abuse, kidnapping and sexual assault involving parties in a close personal relationship are domestic violence offences. These cases include close relationships like those with parents, spouses, partners or cohabitors.

Generally, reports of domestic abuse are factual. However, there are cases where the accused is innocent. Domestic violence allegations are serious and can result in dire consequences, such as the loss of visitation rights, reputational damage and loss of existing and future employment opportunities.

Driving Under the Influence

According to the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canadian Chapter, approximately four Canadians die daily in drunk driving crashes. Though charges for driving under the influence (DUI) are considered a somewhat hybrid offence, they are still serious crimes. DUIs often carry hefty fines or penalties. In cases where death occurs, you could face a very lengthy prison sentence.

Drug Offences

Under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, an individual can be charged with trafficking drugs if caught selling or distributing narcotics. Even if you didn’t sell drugs, you can still be charged just by sharing the illegal substance with another person. The penalties for drug trafficking range from fines to a lengthy prison stay.

Assault and Battery

Deliberately applying physical force on another person is referred to as battery. Assault, meanwhile, occurs when physical harm – or the threat of it – is done on purpose. The use of a weapon results in a felony charge.

A conviction of simple assault carries a fine of $5,000 or a maximum of six months in jail. The sentence increases to five years if the Crown indicts you. In serious assault cases, such as aggravated assault, the maximum penalty is 14 years in prison.

Robbery and Theft

In Canada, theft carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. Robbery could result in a maximum of life imprisonment. Theft entails taking something that does not belong to you, while robbery involves force. Hence, robbery carries a harsher sentence. Given the risk of life imprisonment, having a criminal lawyer in your corner helps to safeguard your future.

Sexual Offences

The definition of sexual offence in Canada is quite broad. It covers any unwanted sexual attention ranging from unwanted kissing to rape. Any sexual activity which does not have the consent of all parties involved is considered illegal and a criminal offence.

In sexual offence cases, a strong defence is necessary. Given the nature of the crime, the accused is generally cast in a negative light before their innocence or guilt is proven. Based on the severity of the crime, the accused faces up to life in prison.

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