Fraud and Identity Theft Lawyers in Surrey

An accusation of fraud or identity theft can affect your immigration status, work, family, your personal freedom and tarnish your reputation. Therefore, it’s important to hire a knowledgeable fraud and identity theft lawyer in Surrey to fight these accusations as soon as they occur.

The skilled legal team of Surrey criminal lawyers at Basra Law Group has experience dealing with a wide range of identity theft and fraud-related cases. We will work with you to fight the accusations, navigate the complex legal process and prove your innocence.

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What Is Fraud?

Fraud is a financial crime involving a person using falsehoods, deceit or other dishonest means to deprive another person or the public of property, money, services or any other valuable item. It can also include intentionally withholding information, lying or exploiting a vulnerable social group.

For a crime to be considered fraud, the accused must put the victim at risk of property or financial loss. The accused must have done this willingly and with the knowledge that their actions would result in some kind of personal benefit. Some common examples of fraud cases include:

  • Tax fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Internet fraud
  • Investment fraud
  • Employment fraud
  • Loan fraud
  • Real Estate fraud
  • Credit Card fraud
  • Loan fraud
  • Medical Insurance fraud

Fraud offences generally fall into two categories depending on the amount of money or value of the property alleged to have been defrauded:

  • cases that involve more than $5,000, and
  • cases that involve less than $5,000

Section 380(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada specifies that anyone found guilty of fraud of more than $5,000 is guilty of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for up to 14 years. A minimum sentence of two years in prison may also be imposed if the fraud exceeds one million dollars. Anyone found guilty of a fraudulent crime that involves less than $5,000 is guilty of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for up to two years.

Fraud accusations may entail lengthy, tense and time-consuming court procedures. Furthermore, considering many employers have policies prohibiting hiring or continuing to employ someone with a fraud conviction, these accusations can also jeopardize your job. It is essential to seek a qualified fraud lawyer as soon as possible to help you fight the charges.

How Can a Fraud Lawyer Help You?

With the lengthy and complicated nature of financial crime investigations, cases frequently commence before charges are filed. Often, investigators observe suspects’ movements closely and try to trick them into committing an offence.

Our dedicated legal team will examine, explain and critique the investigation. We will review all angles of the case and actions taken to make sure your rights are upheld. We will work with you at every stage of the process to find ways to avoid or defend against prosecution. That includes providing you with prompt and relevant advice as soon as the investigating parties suspect criminal activity or execute a search warrant.

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft refers to all crimes that involve fraudulently impersonating another person, whether dead or alive, with the intent to:

  • get an advantage for yourself or another person
  • cause disadvantage to the person you’re impersonating or another party
  • acquire interest or property
  • avoid prosecution or arrest or pervert and obstruct justice

Subsection 403(3) of the Criminal Code of Canada states that anyone who commits identity theft is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for up to 10 years. They may also be guilty of an offence punishable by summary conviction. The severity of a sentence depends on the impact the fraud had on the victim. The more distressing the consequences, the greater the sentence the court will impose.

Our identity theft lawyers can guide you through the challenges that result from this type of accusation. They will facilitate communication with organizations like banks, prosecutors and credit bureaus to prove your innocence, safeguard your interests and undo the harm caused by identity theft accusations.

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